The benefits of attending playgroups

Five reasons why playgroups should become a part of your child’s weekly schedule

Playgroups – which offer a stimulating environment to play and learn – can be a powerful platform for a toddler’s growth and development. In fact, research shows the benefits of playgroups are plentiful, for hidden behind floor-dropping tantrums over having to eat broccoli and finger-painting projects that leave more “art” on the tables than on the canvas, your toddler is actually going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development.

Below, we have outlined the top five reasons why attending playgroups should become a part of your child’s weekly schedule.

Develops social skills and emotional confidence

Playgroups help children learn social skills such as learning to share, to take turns and how to resolve conflicts. It also helps them develop their emotional confidence, as it allows them to safely test their separation from their parents and develop their sense of independence at an early age.

Promotes physical activity

It’s time to move! Playgroups provide age-appropriate activities for toddlers that help develop gross and fine motor skills, including during games that involve running, jumping and climbing alongside arts and crafts projects that require cutting, gluing and painting.

Encourages creativity and imagination

Putting children in a creative environment allows them to develop their own ideas and explore. Role play games California region phone , for example, not only enables children to learn to use their imagination, but it helps them to process and make sense of real-life situations where they need to solve problems.

Aids in speech development

Playgroups can help children learn to describe the world around them. It builds their vocabulary as their developing minds soak in the words spoken by other children in the room, as well as the staff with whom they have constant contact.

Eases the transition to school

What better way to prepare your toddler for kindergarten than by attending a playgroup, where they develop some key adaptability skills, such as learning to cope with new situations and manage stress in a new setting.


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