The mission of Open Door Basel is to support the educational, emotional and social development of children via two primary programmes: an early English literacy programme; and a learn-through-play programme for young children who have not yet begun kindergarten. We aim to accomplish our mission by:

  • offering a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social and emotional growth, as well as a love of learning
  • encouraging learning through hands-on experiences and opportunities for multi-sensory exploration and discovery
  • cultivating a love of the arts through various outlets for creativity and self-expression
  • working collaboratively with parents to help produce happy, confident children who take pride in their talents and capabilities


Open Door Basel has a long history in Basel. Its doors first opened in 1984 as a parent/toddler group providing social support for English speaking families living in the area.

As the club grew in popularity, so too did the offerings. Staff were eventually employed to run an official preschool, and a beginner’s afternoon reading and writing class was also introduced.

More than three decades later, Open Door Basel has become known throughout the Basel area as a reputable, reliable centre providing daily preschool and eight levels (from beginners to advanced) of English literacy classes.

We remain a non-profit organisation, overseen by a volunteer committee and run by experienced staff who know all too well how important it is to have high standards of care and education.


Open Door Basel is governed by a volunteer committee dedicated to ensuring quality care and high educational standards.

Committee Members

  • President – Susannah Cox
  • Vice-president – Angela Feist
  • Treasurer – Alexandra Foggetta
  • Secretary – Julie Etto
  • Registration & Admissions – Susannah Cox
  • Registration & Admissions – Noeleen Stutz
  • Preschool Coordinator – Karen Lavarello
  • Advertising – Siona Hunn
  • Supplies – Siona Hunn
  • Newsletter – Nysha Johnson
  • Events – Team

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