Open Door Basel makes charitable donations

As a non-profit organisation, we understand and value the work that many volunteer-based organisations put into addressing issues of social and economic importance. That is why every year we donate to institutions we believe will benefit from the extra contributions.

Our 2019 donations

This year, Open Door Basel has made financial donations to the following five organisations:

  • SOS Werdende Mütter-Basel: a local organisation that offers free and discreet help to parents who are in trouble, regardless of their background, religious beliefs or social status. The local-based office is run by volunteers and is politically and denominationally neutral. The help takes place through accompaniment and material support.
  • SOS Kinder Dorf: an international organisation providing family support (and housing) and individual care to children in distress. SOS Kinder Dorf has been operating since 1949 with stations in over 150 countries.
  • Chance for Children: a large relief organisation providing outreach and support to at-risk children in the African nation of Ghana.
  • Schwarzer Peter: a Basel-based social outreach centre providing guidance , information, crisis and emergency assistance, assistance and advice.
  • Indian Hope: a Swiss-based, religiously-indendent organisation that pairs impoverished widows in India who are raising young children with “godparents” in Switzerland.

“We are proud to be able to donate to organisations that do such tremendously valuable work,” says Open Door President Susannah Cox. “We may be a small organisation, but by contributing to such organisations, we are ensuring that our voluntary footprint in the larger world is just that bit larger.”

World Vision sponsor

In addition to the donations above, Open Door Basel also regularly donates CHF 50.00 a month  to World Vision, a humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organisation. We sponsor a little girl named Majhi Dreepanjali from Kahriar, India. She’s in the 5th grade and 10 years old. Our donations help ensure that she is receiving essentials such as healthcare, economic opportunities, education and clean water.

Interested in donating?

Donation is a wonderful way to teach children the value of giving, especially around the holiday season. For those interested in learning more about the above organisations and, possibly making an individual contribution, please reach out to their respective institutions. We are sure they would appreciate the support.

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