Our morning Playgroups focus on the essentials of early childhood development, incorporating a learn-through-play structure that includes such things as story time, arts and crafts, music and singing, and outdoor trips. Children are encouraged to participate in activities based on their level of ability and interest.

  • Two large indoor playrooms, stocked with toys, books, music and more
  • Private, safe, child-friendly garden
  • Healthy snacks
  • Monthly discovery trips to local places of interest
  • First-aid trained and CPR certified staff

Art, music and movement

These classes are held on Tuesday & Friday mornings and are a great way for your child to develop and express their creativity & uniqueness.

In our art classes, creative expression isn’t about the product. It’s about the process. Every child has creative potential and is capable of expressing that creativity. The creative process provides opportunites to celebrate a child’s uniqueness, which is an essential element of developing a strong sense of identity.

Our music and movement activities use sensory modalities such as vision, hearing and movement to support learning in a fun and engaging way. This is especially important as music and movement instruction has been shown to improve children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability.