Between 13–26 September, Open Door Basel is sponsoring a two-week Basel-wide Readathon, and we warmly encourage your child to participate.

ALL proceeds from the Readathon will be donated to Room to Read, a non-profit organisation that seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities worldwide by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

Details & Downloads

To keep track of your Readathon details, download the Readathon 2021 form. This form includes the sponsorship form, a calendar to help your child track the pages read during the two-week period, and other key details.

The rules of the Readathon are simple:

1. Who can participate? Anyone, really! But we specifically encourage children from the ages of 6-years plus to join.

2. Help your child find sponsors. Using the sponsor form, friends and family can voluntarily pledge funds either by page number OR a        flat donation.

3. Start reading! From 13–26 September your child should aim to read between 10–15 minutes per day. Record the number of full pages read at the end of each day (on the calendar & reading tracker on page 4) and sign your initials.

4. Collect pledges and donate. After the reading period ends on 26 September, collect the pledges and donate it to our Room to Read fundraising link. Don’t forget to send us (via email or post) your child’s completed sponsorship form by 6 October, because…

5. Winners announced and certificates will be sent out! Each participating child will receive a certificate of completion from Open Door Basel, AND, to provide an incentive for some extra readathon fundraising, the top three earners will be awarded special prizes.

Happy reading!

About the Readathon: our story

The Open Door Readathon was first organised in 2020 as a way to kickstart our young reader’s minds following the Covid-19 lockdown, which kept many of our students away from classrooms in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

That year, 16 amazing young readers raised a total of CHF 1,910 and collectively read more than 6400 pages! We were truly proud that our Basel community came together to take part in such a meaningful cause.

The event was such a success that we decided to turn the Readathon into an annual event, with a twofold goal of helping your children develop a learn for reading and teaching your children the value of donation.